Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Summer Class in Chennai (Kodambakkam) on Emotional Intelligence for Kids

Dear Parents,
We understand that summer vacation gives you joy to have the kids around and also the fear of inability to engage their potential and energy of their exploring and their expeditionary minds.

This summer we are planning to offer an excellent play-way and fun-filled socio emotional learning experience for children that improves their meta-cognition. It not only engages their minds but also their hearts.

1) Are you looking for a best way to engage your child and also wish that it could improve his/her maturity?
2) Are you looking for a fun way learning system to help them not get bored and drained?
3) Do you want them to think, understand and socialize smartly?
4) Would you like to see your kids energetic and more performing than they are?

If you have answered mostly yes then, please enrol your kid for an amazing learning experience. The course topic, the details and the benefits are described below.

Course Topic:Emotional Intelligence (EI) Level 1 & 2– Great kids make a great nation

Course Requirement: Ability to understand, listen and reproduce English is a must
Course Timings and Place: 10 days for 2hrs at Kodambakkam near Liberty Theatre
Course Fee: 500/-
(Note: This course is offered at this price considering affordability of most parents and the importance of the subject. If you require materials, extras or handouts of the course for parental reinforcement of the topics an extra charge may be incurred)

BENEFITS (At the end of this course your child can be confident and say)
1) I know my feelings verbally and can express myself so much better
2) I am more powerful than my feelings are and I can control them
3) I can see how others are feeling and respond to them in a better way
4) I can be an example for others and also listen, cooperate and share with others

For more details please feel free to contact Mrs. Vimala Wensus
Cell: 9840874594

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