Wednesday, December 15, 2010

At Home Reading Program

The idea of a home reading program is to motivate kids to develop interest for reading and acquiring knowledge about things around them by themselves, rather than just spoon feeding them. Spoon feeding children is also an essential part to develop their confidence in learning new things. Their ability to learn and hold in their memory is also a challenge that children have to pass through in the initial stages of their learning experience. At the same time, providing a reading experience everyday is vital in cherishing their interest towards learning and understanding any subject.
Age to start reading: It is a good to start from 6 to 9 months. Children should first of all be read to by the parents. The seed that is thrown through the parents at this stage inspires and cultivates their interest for a long run. Exposure to books at an early age gives them ample time to get prepared for reading one. All they would notice is scribbling or straight lines at first. By the time they learn their alphabets, they can identify that it is just not some random pattern but an alphabet soup. When they start phonics, they will understand that what is being read to and what is written has connections. For a mind of a child it is pretty impressive and helps trying to apply phonics effectively. These practises help them a lot and one day the magic will happen like the flower coming from a bud; they will take a book that you have read to them so many times and start reading it.
What books to read – There are books available in the market that gives different levels of reading experience. Internationally, everyone suggest Dr.Seuss books for children from 6 months to 6 years (roughly). I should confess that even I loved reading them. I have got some of the best titles: One Fish, Two Fish; My Foot Book, Cat in the Hat, Who are you Sue Snue?, There is a Wocket in my Pocket, My many coloured days. These books have excellent illustrations, fun filled rhymes and simple to its core. Instantly giving the reader the best pleasure to sound their voices out and doesn’t let them wonder for long whatever it means because the illustrations are so meaningful and makes complete sense of the words. Believe me don’t be surprised if your kid starts reading it even before your children know their ABCs.
When to do it – Regularity is important. Do it everyday even if it is just about 15 minutes and it can go up to how much ever time you can afford to spend and based on the collections.
How to do it – Allow the kids to read a book for a week repeatedly. It is best to encourage kids to maintain a journal and start scribbling based on what they read or the illustrations they see once in a week. They will just scribble for weeks, but it gives them a reflex to express themselves in writing. When they learn to write don’t be surprised if they write their first poems so early on.

Kids love to read and reading gives them knowledge. Help kids find what the want and what they have to be.

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